Pam’s Walnut Kernel – size 200g


Made in Vietnam

Weight: 200g

EXP: 12 months from manufacturing date printed on the packaging

Product information:

  • Walnut kernels are separated from walnuts, can be used directly.
  • No preservatives, safety for health.
  • Imported from USA with clear origin
  • Pam’s walnuts have been selected and preserved in accordance with food hygiene and safety procedures

Outstanding features:

· Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. In addition to cardiovascular effects, walnuts also have a great effect on high blood pressure patients and help their arterial membranes healthier.
· Improve people’s sleep, improve physique and skin if used regularly.
· There are many health effects for people such as anti-cancer, laxative, anti-gallstones …
User manual:
· Use directly
· Can use walnuts to make cakes, make chocolates, squeeze oil, use it with fresh, better milk. It will taste more aromatic and fleshy if microwave walnuts with a temperature of 160 degrees.
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By Tran & Do © 2024. All rights reserved.