Macadamia Queen – Size 250g

Macadamia Queen:

  • Produced in Vietnam
  • Weight 250g
  • Ingredients 100% macadamia nuts
  • EXP: 18 months from Manufacturing date printed on the packaging
  • Can be used directly or for cooking

Macadamia is a nutritious snack, especially for pregnant women during pregnancy.

The product is made from natural macadamia nuts, the whole shell is roasted and cracked 100% but still fully retains all vitamins and minerals

High quality materials

–  Macadamia Queen is processed from 100% natural and fresh Macadamia nuts imported from Queensland’s farms (Australia) – the place is called the land of this plant. Each macadamia nut is carefully selected with state-of-the-art machinery at the factory, and only the best quality seeds are directly imported by By Tran & Do JSC to Vietnam and manufactured under advanced processing technology, ensuring conditions for food safety and hygiene and ISO 22000: 2005 certification

– Macadamia Queen is packed into vacuum packaging to ensure the most natural flavor of the grain and product quality. Delicious taste, no tool required

– Macadamia Queen offers an interesting experience for users thanks to the technology of cracking completely, so when enjoying, users can completely peel the shell by hand without open tool like other products.

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By Tran & Do © 2021. All rights reserved.