Pam’s Almond – Size 500g


Made in Vietnam

Weight: 500g

Ingredients: 100% almonds roasted

EXP: 8 months from NSX printed on the packaging

Instructions for use: can be used directly

Product information:

  • Almonds are directly imported from the US, processed & packaged in Viet Nam
  • Pam’s roasted almond nuts will bring a nutritious, delicious snack, supplement nutrients and energy for the body.
  • Pam’s almond seeds use 100% natural almonds, carefully selected, through the modern roasting process, ensuring hygiene and nutrition safety in each grain.
  • Product does not contain Trans Fat, Cholesterol, no additives, no preservatives.
  • A stand-up, zipper-lock bag for convenient storage and storage.

User manual

– Use directly or as ingredients for dishes.

– Use within 3 days after opening the bag for the best quality.

– Preserving in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place and avoiding direct sunlight.

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By Tran & Do © 2021. All rights reserved.