Macadamia are dubbed the “The queen of nuts” because it has many great effects. It is currently the most expensive nut on market. Why is it sold in high price but still favored by consumers?

Macadamia comes from subtropical jungles in Australia, where Aboriginal people have used them as a precious food source. Later, when the value of these nuts is widely known, they are popularly grown in countries with subtropical humid climate such as South Africa, Brazil, Israel, New Zealand …

In order to have the best quality macadamia nuts, farmers not only take a lot of effort but also have experience, perseverance and dedication. Since it is difficult to grow macadamia tree, there are few places have soil and mild climate suit with them. Besides, they require the strict ecological environment as well as temperature, air, a mount of rain, wind and soil, high technology and large investment.


Macadania nuts supplement the calories needed for human twice as much as other nuts. If women regularly eat these nuts during pregnancy, their diet will be more diverse, moreover their babies can develop comprehensively. More than 80 percent of the fat that macadamia nuts contains is monounsaturated fat, which has health benefits. These nuts also contain specific kinds of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which are not readily available in many other foods.Macadamia nuts contain just over 1 g of natural sugar, and they are a low glycemic index food. With their many health benefits, macadamia nuts can fit into any healthful diet.

Macadamia nutrition facts

On the other hand, high levels of magnesium in macadamia help regulate blood sugar while stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin for reducing excess sugar for diabetics.

Therefore, macadamia should be included in the diet everyday, contributing to completely the diet for people. The kernel after roasting and drying will be very fleshy, fat and sweet. In addition to eating directly, it can be used to make candies, cakes, chocolates or pressed oil …

The essential fatty acids in macadamia nuts play an important role in skin & hair health, and this is particularly true with macadamia nut oil. Appreciated because it contains about 22% of palmitoleic omega-7 acids. In the cosmetic industry today, oil from macadamia seeds is being considered a “medicinal god” for women’s skin and hair.

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By Tran & Do © 2020. All rights reserved.